… how it began? Of course in the world wide web!

2009 I discovered that it is possible to make glass beads at home. What a crazy thing! I visited a workshop and that was the start of a great and creative journey.

I startet to create figures and animals and it was great from the first step! But in the meantime I made a lot of beads and started to visit craft markets. It was a big surprise that a lot of people have fun and are very happy with MY beads! This is still a really crazy thing. 

For me it is the same mystic moment to see the hot glass molting and create with it lovely critters and beads. Join me and my creative journey. Here on this page you will find little articles about my daily routine with beads and in the shop you can find some of my beads – if you have a special wish, write me a message via the contact formular or take the new article in the shop “make a wish – bead” and describe your favorite color and shape.

I am happy you are here and you are always welcome!